Monday, June 4, 2012

Writing on the Euros

While this blog was started in order to house my thoughts on Arsenal matches specifically, it has grown to include posts on soccer philosophy, Champions League matches not involving the Gunners, and pretty much anything else that is important in the world of soccer (that I have time to write about). It always seemed foolish to divide my writing between multiple blogs with specialized interests just like it seemed foolish to make this a general soccer blog rather than an Arsenal blog because obviously Arsenal is my main concern. With all of that being said, know that I plan on writing a lot on the European Championships and that this blog will be the home for it. I don't see how this could cause problems for anyone, but it is my nature to over explain things that don't really need to be explained anyway, so there you are.

I will be watching the matches live when I can but since I have a normal nine-to-five type job, I will often be watching on the DVR when I get home and writing afterward. Because of this you'll probably see most of my posts up the morning after matches, so check back then for updates, follow me on Twitter (@AWKlema), or subscribe to this blog. Let's be honest, I'd love you to do all three. I'll be writing up a Euros preview with predictions before the tournament starts on Friday, so until then, even though we're onto Euros, Go Gunners.

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